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Peggy Martinez:

I think I’m going to have to go to Paris next June!

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The Rose Garden of Chaalis

June is the season for roses and time to visit the many rose gardens in France. One of the recently created is the rose garden of the royal Abbey of Chaalis once the Renaissance style garden of Ippolito II d’Este Cardinal of Ferrara son of Lucrezia Borgia with Alfonso I d’Este and who created the famous Villa d’Este in Tivoli. The rose garden is located just behind the Chapel of Saint Mary once part of the Abbey. It was not till 1902 when Nélie Jacquemart-André wife of the banker Édouard André, bought the property and decided to create a rose garden. She would kept the Renaissance style gate with the arms belonging to Cardinal d’Este as well as the 16th century walls surrounding the garden work of Sebastiano Serlio – another Italian Renaissance artist who came to France at the request of Francis I to…

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Peggy Martinez:

Roses from Paris, great detail about the history of a rose garden and how it enhanced cultural activities over 100 years ago!

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The roses of Val de Marne in L’Haÿ les Roses

The first rose garden in France and probably the oldest in the world ! June is the season for roses and time to visit the beautiful Rosery of Val de Marne in l’Haÿ les Roses just a few kilometres from Paris. It all began in 1894 when Jules Gravereaux started his rose collection. He assembled more than 1600 varieties and more were added through hybridization. Today the rosery has more than 3300 varieties of roses. By 1899 Gravereaux created his garden with the help of Edouard André the landscape designer. The garden became a popular destination for the Parisians of the “Belle Epoque”. In 1905 Gravereaux joined the Rosati Society dedicated to the world of the Rose – encouraging cultural activities with rose-themed plays, music, ballet and opera which was then staged in the Neoclassic style theatre of the Rose…

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Magical Beauty of Pollination

Thank you Debbie Peterson for sharing what is perhaps one of the most beautiful and captivating videos created of the nature and the pollination!

The Beauty of Pollination“, be inspired to look beyond!

New friend

Note: this little guy I chased around at the Sonnenberg Gardens forever, so I gave up and went on my way to photograph other roses. As I’m focusing I noticed he was sitting on bud, as if “I’m ready now”, too funny! I think he’s sexy and he knows it!

Got an awesome to share, send it my way!

Peggy Martinez:

Reblogged from The Petal Pusher photo blog, love the quote!

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Warm temperatures during this past winter turned on the plants very early. I carefully planned my garden so that there is an abundance of blooms every month until November, but the perennials are blooming simultaneously, even the mums which I have to pinch back.

No, I’m not complaining about the weather–I’m alive to enjoy it, aren’t I?

Daily Gratitude: first day of Summer, the wowie color of phlox ‘Nicky’, a foot-long cucumber on our vine!

Quote of the Day for YOU: Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.  ~Proverb

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Stunning “Gifts” From My Gardens

Today I finally found time to weed my gardens, life has been hectic and with a fracture on my leg they have been feeling and looking neglected. I was happy to get in there and pull out the nasty weeds. I found two things, first, as I clearing out the lily garden, right in my face was a huge frog just staring at me, after a jolt I moved to the other side and let the little guy enjoy his space.

As I moved around to the other gardens, I found a few roses in full bloom enjoying the evening rain and basking in the warm sun. The lovely roses had hues of deep red, pink and orange. Here are my roses!

Happy Birthday Mary Cassatt!

Reblogged from the Huffington Post.

Today is the birthday of American artist and early feminist Mary Cassatt. The long time friend of Edgar Degas and influential member of the Impressionist movement would turn 188 if she were magically still alive today.

To celebrate the birthday of this painter, printer and suffragette, we challenge all of our Arts lovers to a quiz! See if those art history courses really paid off by answering these 10 trivia questions about the great Mary Cassatt!

To take the Mary Cassatt quiz, visit Huffington Post and log in, enjoy!

Tell me how you did!


Remarkable Flowers Made Of Nude Bodies

Reblogged from the Huffington Post. Imagination and creativity meet digital art by Cecelia Webber, my favorite? Well, of course, the rose!

Cecelia Webber’s Intricate Flowers Made Of Nude Bodies (PHOTOS)

Posted: 06/01/2012  7:36 am


Cecelia Webber creates entrancing images of flowers in full bloom, from luscious roses to sprightly sunflowers. But if you look a little closer you will may notice something strange about the vibrant petals… they are made of nude bodies! Webber’s works create a fantasy world where people are tiny, flowers gigantic, and the human body is as natural as any form of plant life. We first came across her work at Oddity Central. In order to find out more, we asked Webber some questions about her naked talents. Scroll down for slideshow.

webberHP: Please tell us a little about your process. Who are the models? 

CW: The models up until this point in time have all been volunteers. I’ve had a lot of people offer to pose for my pieces spontaneously. This month will actually mark the first in which I actively recruit models, and I’m going for a mix of different ages, body types, and ethnicities. [Our] culture can be very youth-centric and airbrushed, and I’m interested in portraying a much broader picture. I also appear as the model in a great deal of my artwork; I spent the first two years making this art with a self-timer on a little point and shoot digital camera I rigged up using the hanger bar in my closet.

HP: How long does each “flower” take to bloom?

It takes anywhere between a week and three months for a piece to take shape, depending on the complexity of what I’m trying to do.
HP: We’ve read that you spend your free time hunting for fairies. Have you been successful? How does art play into your daily balance of fantasy and reality?

CW: When I was little my dad read me the “Lord of the Rings” books, and that was what started the epic fairy and gnome hunting I did as a child. I was successful in so far as I found many frogs, salamanders and bugs with which to terrorize my mother. I grew up on an old farmhouse in rural New Hampshire, and I spent a lot of time in the woods and fields behind the house. When I got a little older my interests changed to philosophy and science. I try to keep my mind working. I’m of the opinion that you can’t just make art about art, you have to make art about feelings and ideas. So I try to stay mentally active. There is so much potential to do so many great things everyday. I try to remember to live life like it’s art — that tends to make my artwork more interesting.

Check out Webber’s magical garden of naked forms below:

Look Closer… They’re Naked!

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Beautiful Sights of Keuka Lake

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to teach a Watercolor Floral workshop at Keuka Lake and have so much to share with you. However, I have to get back to easel, it’s crunch time, but here are a few photos for you to see what you missed…enjoy!

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QUEEN OF ARTS: Celebrating Local Creative Spirit

I would like for you to meet the artists at “Outside the Box” Art Gallery! Along with several artists we shrae this wonderful, cozy space inside the Box Factory in Fairport, NY. We have such an eclectic, fun and great art that it’s difficult to take absorb it all in one trip. Visit us soon!

Thank you Stephanie Williams at Rochester Woman Magazine for sharing our visions!


QUEEN OF ARTS: Celebrating Local Creative Spirit

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June Queen of Arts


Slightly off the beaten path of Fairport’s main stroll, Outside the Box Gallery provides an eclectic selection of paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and more by a collective of independent local artists. Located in The Box Factory office building overlooking the Erie Canal, the gallery houses an abundance of works from decorative figurines to printed scarves suitable for gift giving. Recently opened in November, the gallery’s members have developed a myriad of creative ways to partner with fellow community entrepreneurs and inviting the public to think outside their own proverbial boxes.

Chicago native Nancy Radzik, currently residing in Ontario, realized her lifelong dream of opening a gallery following the close of a gallery in Pittsford she frequently exhibited at. With the help of her fellow full-time artists – many of whom had had some association with the well-connected and active artist – they transformed a small suite in The Box Factory into a new dimension of creativity. Brimming with variety and walls nearly covered with painting and sculpture, it’s clear it won’t be long until the co-op will need a larger space.

Why did these artists choose Fairport over Park Avenue or the South Wedge? “Fairport residents support their local businesses,” says Radzik. She also notes the large amount of foot traffic throughout the warmer seasons as an attraction.

“Most of our work’s subject matter centers around nature,” explains Ms. Radzik. From watercolors and sculpture to cards and mixed media, the gallery is a hub celebrating local creativity on all levels. Interestingly enough, when sorting through the co-op’s works to display, there was one particular orb that seemed to jump from artist to artist. “The Moon Wall came about quite by accident,” notes co-op member Ann Bavis. “It seemed like almost every artist had a moon-themed work of art.”

The gallery’s desire to reach out to the community beyond themselves will become evident throughout this year, with previous exhibitions including “Once Upon A Dumpster,” in which 14 artists submitted pieces using repurposed materials including denim jeans and sleeping bag linings.

“The Once Upon a Dumpster exhibit evolved out of a desire to have some artwork in the gallery made out of recycled materials,” says Radzik. “It was a huge success.”

Most recently, the gallery hosted and exhibit called “Purse-sonalities,” a collection of vintage handbags altered into imaginative sculptures by the co-op and community artists. The exhibit featured handbags from all walks of life, altered in a variety of ways attempting to encompass the identity of the unknown previous owner.

The gallery hopes to reach out to the community throughout the year with a number of other special events including participating in Fairport Canal Days, a juried exhibition comprised solely of works by college students, and organizing an artsy scavenger hunt. Additionally, community artists interested in becoming a part of the Outside the Box co-op are welcome to submit their own work for inclusion in the gallery.

Outside the Box Gallery is located at The Box Factory building in Fairport.



WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR: Pursuing Her Passion

I’m proud to share this post from Rochester Woman Magazine by Jenn Bergin. The article is a great interview about Christine Waara, a talented artist from Rochester, we’ve participated together at the Rochester Art Club Studio exhibit and at the Clothesline Art Festival, here in Rochester. Congratulations Chris!

WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR: Pursuing Her Passion

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June Entrepreneur


Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, artist Christine Waara developed a deep appreciation of nature and beauty. She fondly recalls the smell of pine trees and a rainy day, and has always loved the sight and smell of a box of Crayola crayons.

“As a kid, when anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said – an artist,” says Waara.

She attended Northern Michigan University and earned a degree in Speech Communication, although every elective she took was in art. Upon graduation, Waara and her husband moved to Rochester. She fell in love with the local landscape and culture, and began a successful career in marketing and sales. Yet she never forgot her first love – painting.

“Being an artist is all about learning to see,” says Waara. “Once you can identify how you feel, you paint from your heart as well as from your head.”

The couple started a family, and Waara decided to stay home to raise their two sons. She nurtured her natural creativity through gardening, hosting themed birthday parties, and taking art classes. Once her children started school full-time, Waara faced a crossroads and had to decide whether to return to her career in marketing and sales, or pursue her passion.

She chose to follow her “authentic path” and is now living the dream she’s had since she was seven years old.

With a little push and a lot of support from husband, Waara “began calling herself an artist” and started her business, the Christine Waara Studio. Her teacher and mentor, local artist Wendy Gwirtzman, had helped her to develop her skill, build the confidence to submit work and encouraged her to get involved in the local art community. Waara now has a complete gallery available online and sells original watercolor painting, pastels, prints and creative cards all over the world.

From her bright and peaceful in-home studio, she creates works commissioned by request and to add to her gallery. Her paintings are currently on display at the Assisi Institute and will be featured at a Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra show in June. She also teaches painting and has created instructional videos, which are available for developing artists. Her note cards, prints and tiles are not only sold through her website, but at local events, such as the Clothesline Arts Festival, as well as at Fairport Pharmacy and The Artful Gardener.

“My gift is my art, that’s who I am,” says Waara. “I knew that if I pursued that – things would just happen, they would fall in place for me.”

Like many artists, Waara is inspired by nature. Her ability to live consciously and ever “in the moment” allows her to notice the light on objects, how it creates shadows to makes things come alive and vibrant colors. She has a keen ability to “see beauty where people might just pass by and not even notice.” Her deep sense of self, allows her to fluidly express herself creatively.

“The quality of my work is not necessarily about the outcome or the technique – it’s about how I feel,” says Waara.

Waara teaches at the University of Rochester’s Creative Workshop at the Memorial Art Gallery, works with gifted art students at Fairport and Hilton High Schools as an “Artist in Residence,” and helps young artists develop portfolios and offers private instruction.

She also teaches art in nursing homes and is partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association to offer art therapy to help patients and caregivers communicate, and as an outlet for the expression of feelings that are no longer easy to communicate with words.

“You’re never too old or too young to create,” she says.

While family will always remain her priority, Waara looks forward to having more time to focus on her career, with both of her sons in college next year. Inspired by culture and travel, Waara hopes to teach beginner painting in different parts of the world. She believes in “thinking big.”

“It’s not about where I came from it’s about where I’m going,” says Waara.


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